Oatmeal Set (Soap + Shampoo Bar + Lotion) Unscented

Oatmeal Set (Soap + Shampoo Bar + Lotion) Unscented

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This complete set is ideal for skin that requires gentle care, offering Oatmeal Lotion, a handcrafted Oatmeal Soap, and an Unscented Oatmeal Shampoo Bar.

Ingredient Highlight: (Lotion)

This formula is gentle for everyday use and all skin types. It’s also fragrance-free, nongreasy and non-comedogenic.

OAT PROTEIN EXTRACT - Strengthens the skin barrier, Restores skin function, moisture, and may help relieve itchiness.

NIACINAMIDE- brightens skin, increases keratin production, antioxidant, promotes the production of ceramides and elastin, both essential parts of the skin barrier, leading to hydrated and healthier skin.

PANTHENOL & GLYCERIN - are humectants which attract moisture to the skin and hold it in, allowing the skin to become hydrated from within.

ALLANTOIN - An effective anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, may promote epithelialization (wound healing)

Disclaimer: This product does not intend to treat/heal/replace medical advice. If skin issues persist, please consult your physician