Oatmeal Set

Oatmeal Set

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The perfect set for sensitive skin. Includes the Oatmeal Lotion, The Oatmeal handcrafted soap, and the Unscented Oatmeal Shampoo Bar.

 Formulated with Oatmeal Protein Extract and rich moisturizers, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy-looking. This formula is gentle for everyday use and all skin types. It’s also fragrance-free, nongreasy and non-comedogenic.

OAT PROTEIN EXTRACT - Strengthens the skin barrier, Restores skin function, moisture, and may help relieve itchiness.

Ingredient Highlight: (Lotion)

NIACINAMIDE- brightens skin, increases keratin production, antioxidant, promotes the production of ceramides and elastin, both essential parts of the skin barrier, leading to hydrated and healthier skin.

PANTHENOL & GLYCERIN - are humectants which attract moisture to the skin and hold it in, allowing the skin to become hydrated from within.

ALLANTOIN - An effective anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, may promote epithelialization (wound healing)

Disclaimer: This product does not intend to treat/heal/replace medical advice. If skin issues persist, please consult your physician